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About Us


Advantage In-Home Care, Inc. is a Private Duty Home Care Consultant that specializes in arranging for all phases of care for persons with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. We are pleased to arrange for 24 hour care or simply respite if desired.


ADVANTAGE IN-HOME CARE is uniquely able to pinpoint and arrange for the individualized care that our patient clients need and deserve allowing us to more carefully balance the levels of need with the wishes of the patient clients and their families.


Advantage In-Home Care works collaboratively with case managers and patient clients to develop specialized individual care.


We at Advantage are totally committed to listening and adapting to the wishes and needs of our clients. Please call to speak with us; we welcome the opportunity to share with you our unique approach to arranging the highest level of care specially tailored to your individualized requirements. Rest assured that all inquiries are kept in the strictest confidence.


Our Story


In June of 2003, my son was injured in a motorcycle accident that left him with a spinal cord injury and paraplegia. His care fell to our family and because the accident was not auto related none of his expenses were covered. Our family had to cover all of those costs.


Three years later when a tree limb went through the windshield in an automobile accident it resulted in the loss of his arm at the shoulder. Because this was auto related, he now had coverage for 24-7 care by certified aides in his home. However, after working with over 20 aides in a two year period we found that most were unable to even properly perform his catheter and bowel programs or transfers. It was then that he and I decided to begin our own care company based upon our first hand knowledge and experiences.


We dedicated ourselves to compassionate and caring attention to detail. We carefully screened all of our aides and all were personally trained by my son using himself for that training. We were able to retain an extensively trained and experienced “on call” staff to avoid problems that had plagued his early years.


As we grew it became apparent that the need for ever more specialized care was increasing as well.  The need to conscientiously provide the finest care available for our clients resulted in our decision to create another separate company that could carefully screen the industry for the best staffing companies available.  Thus began ADVANTAGE IN-HOME CARE. 


ADVANTAGE has the ability to target specific care companies that specialize in all phases of care for auto related spinal cord injury and TBI for pediatrics as well as adults.  Additionally ADVANTAGE works in concert with providers of vent care and other uniquely specialized requirements for auto related injuries.  ADVANTAGE specializes in auto related injuries and does not provide any services compensated by Medicare, Medicaid or any other health insurer.


We welcome your calls, inquiries and the opportunity to explain how we might make a positive difference in your life and the life of those you love.


We Arrange


  • Wound Care
  • Trach Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Pediatric/Adult Ventilator
  • Catheterization Care
  • Bowel Program
  • Tube Feedings
  • Home Modifications
  • Medical Supplies

Our Goal



Our goal at Advantage In-Home Health Care is to match you or your loved one with a compatible caregiver who will precisely meet your needs: YOUR quality of life. YOUR security. YOUR independence. And YOUR peace of mind. YOUR Needs are our primary concerns.


Man on Ventilator in wheel chair

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